"Um elefante incomoda muita gente – dois elefantes…"

Como diz a cantiga:
“Um elefante incomoda muita gente, dois elefantes incomodam muito mais…”
Dando um salto Gouldiano… ou será que transformista? Bom não sei, mas o meu canto não vai se calar:
“Um ‘Michael Behe’ incomoda muita gente…. Dois ‘Michael Behe’ incomodam muito mais…”
Não sei, as vezes penso que seria melhor fazer como Dawkins… Bom é que as vezes o silêncio me constrange. Mal saiu da prensa e o novo livro de Behe tem feito Darwin perder o sono.
Segue abaixo as respostas de Behe aos seus magnânimos críticos:
Michael Behe Responds to Critics of His New Book
The first major reviews of Michael Behe’s The Edge of Evolution are appearing in places like Science, The New Republic, and The Globe and Mail. Dr. Behe has now responded to their criticisms over at his Amazon blog, a dynamic new forum where authors are able to reach their readers in a powerful new way.

Behe writes, “Because the conclusion of the book is so controversial, it’s no surprise that responses by some Darwinists so far have been pretty emotional and defensive. I’ll be writing brief replies here to unfavorable reviews by the most prominent academic Darwinists, just to point out important miscues and errors. Later, after more reviews are in (several more major reviews are expected in the next month), I’ll write a comprehensive response.”

Read Behe’s response to Jerry Coyne
Read Behe’s response to Sean Carroll
Read Behe’s response to Michael Ruse

Boa leitura a todos.

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