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The Peaceable Kingdom



AIA Science Director, Dr Andre Menache speaks at the London Vegan Festival – 17th August 2014.

Earth Pilgrim dvdThe Earth Pilgrim dvd, by AIA President, Satish Kumar, is available here from Amazon.

Follow Satish Kumar on his own Earth pilgrimage in the beautiful setting of Dartmoor in South Devon.


AIA Patron, Dr Richard Ryder debates Vivisection on BBC Radio 4’s Agree to Differ programme with vivisector, Tipu Aziz – 27th & 30th August 2014.

Barbara Gardner

AIA Director, Barbara Gardner discusses Religion and Animals on BBC Radio 4’s Beyond Belief programme with Shaunaka Rishi Das, a Vaisnav priest from the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies and Shimon Cohen, Director of Shechita UK, an organisation which defends the Jewish method of slaughtering animals for food – 4th March 2013.

Barbara Gardner talks to Sandra Kyle and Lynley Tulloch of Safe & Sound Radio about the faith’s teachings on the compassionate treatment of animals. Subjects include ‘do animals have souls?’, ‘do animals have rights?’, veganism and new insights from Pope Francis’ new encyclical letter, Laudato Si’. Listen to the podcast here:

Part 1 – 26th Sept 2016

Part 2 – 3rd Oct 2016

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